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I’ll Take My Stand

By Paul Lagarde Several weeks ago, a few law students, identifying themselves only as “The Committee,” sent a letter to President Ruscio and the Board of Trustees demanding that actions be taken to improve the climate on campus for students of color. The Committee issued the following demands: […]


Johnson Scholarship Not What It Seems?

By Libby Sutherland In 2007, Rupert Johnson’s donation of $100 million to Washington and Lee established the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity which, according to the school’s website, “supports visits by leading experts and professionals, who speak on a range of topics related to the overarching themes […]

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WebAdvisor: A Look at W&L’s Registration Experience

By Ben Atnipp Every W&L student has their own WebAdvisor horror story. From hellacious spinning rainbow wheels, to surprise instructor consents, to the inability to express class preferences, and “I need someone to help me write my essay for me or who can write my essays asap ” concerns, WebAdvisor hiccups are all too common for the 6:59:59AM registration experience. Given our system’s track record, reputation, antiquated interface, and […]

Three Years In Review

By Nathan Kelly During my time at W&L I have been honored to serve the student body for three years on the Executive Committee – once as Representative for the Class of 2014, once as Secretary, and this past year as President. My time in these positions was […]

Praise for the Professor

By Marshall Woodward A culture of learning first and foremost derives from the relationship between students and academic faculty. Second only to perhaps the students themselves, professors serve as one of W&L’s greatest assets. However, Washington and Lee has currently put a freeze on hiring new professors, besides […]


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