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I’ll Take My Stand

By Paul Lagarde Several weeks ago, a few law students, identifying themselves only as “The Committee,” sent a letter to President Ruscio and the Board of Trustees demanding that actions be taken to improve the climate on campus for students of color. The Committee issued the following demands: […]


Johnson Scholarship Not What It Seems?

By Libby Sutherland In 2007, Rupert Johnson’s donation of $100 million to Washington and Lee established the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity which, according to the school’s website, “supports visits by leading experts and professionals, who speak on a range of topics related to the overarching themes […]

Three Years In Review

By Nathan Kelly During my time at W&L I have been honored to serve the student body for three years on the Executive Committee – once as Representative for the Class of 2014, once as Secretary, and this past year as President. My time in these positions was […]

Praise for the Professor

By Marshall Woodward A culture of learning first and foremost derives from the relationship between students and academic faculty. Second only to perhaps the students themselves, professors serve as one of W&L’s greatest assets. However, Washington and Lee has currently put a freeze on hiring new professors, besides […]


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