A good juice machine should not be missing from a kitchen. There is nothing more delicious than a glass of fresh juice in the morning. When you buy a juicer you have to choose one which provides a high quality juice that retains its nutrients value longer.

One of the websites from where you can order some very good quality juicers is JuiceMachines. The best juice machines you can find here are the OR M5 Counter top Juicer and the Vital Juicer.

The OR M5 Counter top Juicer is fast, clean and small. It needs just 9, 5 inches on your counter so that makes it perfect for a small kitchen.

The Vital Juicer is a very new product. It can juice any fruits and also vegetables. This great juicer is perfect for a bar, hotel or restaurant because it can perform as much as you need. The pulp from the fruit is separated from the juice.

From the website www.reviewyourjuicer.com you can find 3 other very good juicers: the Frucosol f-10, The Omega 1000 and the Samson Ultra Juicer.

The Frucosol F-10 it’s a semi automatic juicer with the ability to prevent the juice from splashing around in your kitchen. This juicer is perfect to prepare a delicious juice from oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemons.

The Omega 1000 can make juice from fruits and vegetables. The great thing about this juicer is that it will start moving when it has the basket full of pulp. This way you will know when to stop the machine and empty it.

The Samson Ultra Juicer (model KPE1301) has 2 gears and can make juice from vegetables, fruits, wheat grass and sprouts. This juicer has a 10 year warranty.

Overall I had a tough time searching for juicers to build the best healthy life I could, when looking at famous celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and their juice cleanses, many of us plebs want to make ourselves look similar to them, however these juice cleanses are expensive and finding a good juicer is hard.

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