Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Closer Look at the Economic Ramifications of the Third-Year Housing Mandate Lexington’s Threatened Million-Dollar Industry

By Latham Peak There has been much talk in this issue regarding the proposal requiring juniors to live on campus. One issue that should be considered is what impact this potential mandate would have not only for Washington and Lee students, but for the surrounding Lexington and Rockbridge community as well. “The most compelling reason […]

We Aren’t Just Another Liberal Arts School

By Ty Mitchell              When Dean Evans came to our chapter meeting and presented the proposal for thethird-year housing requirement, she said that the administration wanted to make Washington and Lee more similar to other liberal arts schools around the country. In her words, “There is a clear recognition that […]

Sometimes Near the River: A Response to Our Nanny’s Hysterical Fear

By Marshall Woodward and Christian von Hassell I have often stopped to think concerning the very small amount of direct moral teaching there was at the university. And yet it is a safe wager that nine out of ten alumni would say that not even the boyhood years at home were fraught with such impressive […]

The Residential Life Task Force Report: The Mere Semblance of Legitimacy?

By Paul Lagarde In 2012, the Residential Life Task Force conducted a study of the housing situation at W&L and presented their report to the Board of Trustees in May of that year. Since that time, the task force has continued to seek input on this issue, conducting several focus groups on campus. Heading up […]


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